General Information





This international summerschool is intended mainly for graduate students, postdocs or researchers who work in the field of brain research, speech production, speech perception, and perception-production interaction.

One of the aims of the summerschool is to provide a platform for interchange between students, junior, and senior researchers and hence, we would like each participant to contribute to the summerschool.


Invited speakers:

Language and speech production

1. Monica Baciu
(LPNC, UPMF, Grenoble):

"Hemispheric specialization for language in healthy subjects and epileptic patients"

2. Grzegorz Dogil (Stuttgart university):

"The Speaking Brain: a tutorial introduction to fMRI experiments in the production of speech, prosody and syntax"
3. Hélène Loevenbruck (ICP/Gipsa-lab, CNRS, Grenoble):
"Cerebral correlates of multimodal deixis:
prosodic focus, syntactic extraction, digital- and ocular- pointing»"

Interaction Perception/Action in Speech
4. Marc Sato (CRLMB, McGill university, Montréal):
"Sensorimotor interactions in speech perception"
5. Jean-Luc Schwartz (ICP/Gipsa-lab, CNRS, Grenoble):
"Phonology grounded in sensori-motor speech: Elements of a morphogenesis theory"
Language acquisition
6. Christophe Pallier (INSERM U562, Gif sur Yvette):
"Brain plasticity and language acquisition"
Models of cognitive functions
7. Georg Meyer (School of psychology, university of Liverpool):
"Neural mechanisms underlying the organisation of speech"
7. Bernd Kröger (UK Aachen):
"Neural models of speech production and speech acquisition"
9. Uta Noppeney (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics)
"The neural systems underlying higher multi-sensory integration"

Additional speakers are requested.


Information for participants:

Poster sessions will allow the participants to present their own work in experimental phonetics, linguistics, brain imaging, speech production and/or speech perception modelling related to the following topics:

  • Language acquisition
  • Language disorders
  • Speech acquisition
  • Speech pathology
  • Neural basis of speech production
  • Speech production control
  • Neural basis of speech perception
  • Audio-visual speech perception
  • Plasticity of speech perception