Travelling Information





How to get to the summerschool location (and back)
We have booked a coach to take most of you from Grenoble train station to the Escandille hotel.
The coach will leave Sunday 16th September at 17:00 from the "Gare Routière", which is just next to Grenoble train station.
There will also be a coach from Escandille to Grenoble train station after the summerschool. It will leave Escandille at 14:00 Friday September 21st.

For those of you who cannot take the coach on Sunday 16 or Friday 21, there are regular buses from Grenoble "Gare routière" (next to the train station) to Autrans (and back).
You will find the bus timetable and information on the following web site:

Departure from Grenoble Bus Station ("Gare Routière"):
17.50 (not on Sundays)
Arrival in Autrans city center approx. one hour after. Ask the bus driver to take you to Escandille (since only on saturdays and sundays the bus stops at Escandille).

Departure from Autrans:
Arrival in Grenoble Bus Station approx. one hour after.

1. Escandille Hostel:
Route de la sure
38880 Autrans
04 76 95 32 02 (+33 4 76 95 32 02)

Explanations about the Lyon airport shuttle
For those of you who arrive at Lyon St Exupéry airport:
The airport shuttle "Satobus" desk is on the ground floor. There will be signs "transportation" or "navette". Buy a roundtrip (return) ticket for Grenoble. There are buses that go elsewhere, so make sure to specify Grenoble. It will cost 30 euros. The ticket is actually a little piece of paper that looks just like a receipt. It will have the price on and it might say "billet" 'ticket'. You give it to the driver when you board the bus and he or she punches it. Hold onto it, since it’s also your return ticket.
If you are facing the Satobus desk, the buses come and go from the spots just outside the door to your left. The Grenoble bus usually leaves from spot #2. On the side of the bus it will say LYON-ST. EXUPERY - GRENOBLE in big letters.
The only official stop is the Grenoble bus station ("gare routière"). Very rarely, the bus stops along the route to let someone out. The ride takes just over an hour. Shuttles leave every hour at the half hour (6:30, 7:30, 8:30, etc. until 23:30).
For the return trip, the shuttle station (“gare routière”) is on your right when you are facing Grenoble train station (same place as on your arrival). Shuttles leave every hour at the hour (5:00, 6:00, 7:00, etc. until 21:00).